Firm Overview

With over six decades of collective legal experience under one roof, the James H. Horton Law Firm knows what it takes to build a successful legal case. Our practice covers a wide array of legal areas, including divorce, family law, criminal defense, juvenile delinquency, estate planning, probate matters, personal injury and wrongful death. Whatever your situation, we are ready and willing to talk to you about your legal options. Please contact our firm now so we can get to work on your case.

North Texas Lawyers

Serving Dallas, Denton, Collin, Tarrant, Wise, and Cooke Counties, our attorneys have a history of winning that you can rely on. We know how important your case is to you and that a lot may be riding on it – this is why we work so diligently to win. Our firm values the people we work for and the situations they find themselves in. You are coming to us because you need help. Let us tip the scales in your favor and get you the legal outcome you need.

The principal of our firm – James H. Horton – understands the practice of law intimately. With over 200 jury trials to his credit and another 400 bench trials, he has spent the necessary time practicing law to know what it takes to build a successful case. It is this experience that guides his choice of attorneys to bring into the firm. This means your attorney will deliver exceptional service to you, both in and out of the courtroom.

Our firm wants the best results for you in your legal case. With a focus on honesty and thoroughness, you can rest easy knowing that your case is in capable hands. You will be working with an attorney that understands how much the case matters to you. You may be in a difficult spot, but we can help. Contact us now to find out more.

Meeting Your Legal Needs

Our firm has obtained multiple acquittals, grand jury no-bills, and dismissals in criminal cases. With countless successful clients in all areas of our practice, our attorneys know how to get you the results you want in the most efficient way possible. Whether you need help with civil litigation or criminal defense, our attorneys are ready to add you to the list of clients with successful cases.

Too many people assume that quality legal representation is out of their reach, either because they do not have a lot of money or believe that there is no hope for their case. At the James H. Horton Law Firm, we believe that everyone should have access to quality legal help. Our firm services people from all walks of life and at a variety of income levels. We offer payment plans when necessary and will gladly hear any potential case. It only takes a phone call to discover your options.

If you are in need of a criminal defense attorney, please contact our firm as soon as possible. We help clients through all matter of criminal situations and we know what it takes to protect you from the prosecution. There is never any reason to go without a good defense attorney.

If you need assistance with other practice areas such as personal injury, wrongful death, probate matters, estate planning, divorce or family law, please contact us now to discuss your case. Our attorneys are here to offer experienced guidance and representation – ensuring your case has the best chance of success.

Please contact us today for your free initial consultation.