Juvenile Defense

When your child gets into trouble with the law it can bring up all sorts of emotions – making it hard to even process the information you are being given. You may be surprised, scared and maybe even angry. However you are feeling, though, you really have no time to lose in contacting an attorney. A juvenile that the court sentences to rehabilitation could face repercussions long after the rehabilitation requirements of the court have been met.

From difficulties getting work to problems getting into school, juvenile delinquents must overcome far more hurdles than the average youth to lead a normal life. This is why contacting one of our attorneys is so important. Please contact the James H. Horton Law Firm right now to get started on your child’s defense.

North Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers

If your child is between ten and seventeen years old and is accused of a crime, he or she will face the juvenile courts. Unlike an adult, who is tried in the criminal courts, a child is not considered old enough to be a criminal. Instead of doling out criminal punishments, the state will attempt to rehabilitate the offender through various approaches depending on the severity of the offense – including counseling, community service and even detention followed by parole.

It is natural to want to protect your child from these various efforts at rehabilitation, but the damage goes much further than the initial rehabilitation. Your child will also carry a juvenile criminal record around for some time. This can cause all sorts of problems as he or she grows older and attempts to gain employment, join the military and go to college – all difficulties you want to prevent if at all possible.

Having worked with numerous parents and children in similar situations, our firm understands how troubling all of this can be. Whether your child has a history of getting into trouble or the situation has come completely out of the blue, your concern is still the same. You want to protect your son or daughter the best way you can. Fortunately, our decades of experience in the juvenile court system puts us in a unique position to help.

Doing The Best You Can

Every juvenile case is different. Although our firm has a history of success in juvenile cases it is impossible to predict the outcome of a case – even ones that seem fairly straightforward. However, by hiring our firm you can take comfort in the fact that a skilled defense attorney is doing everything possible to see your child’s case is successful. We will seek to protect your child by getting his or her charges dropped or at least reduced if we can.

The moment you discover your child is facing charges you may feel powerless. In the face of government prosecutors and law enforcement the average person has limited options. However, your hands are not completely tied. You can hire a firm that understands the juvenile system and knows how to build successful cases for the children caught up in it. This may make all the difference.

If your child is facing juvenile charges, please contact our firm as soon as you can. We are ready to begin working on your child’s case, seeking out the most effective way to protect the rights of your loved one and keep him or her out of the juvenile system. There is no time to waste. Contact the James H. Horton Law Firm now.